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Collect Rare Very Limited Edition Historic Fine Art Photography Prints (1973-) from a New Modern Master


Collect the ART from LIFE Folios-an Historic Anthology of Signs,Symbols and Expressionism Investment Unprecedented and proven "photo realism" Art INVESTMENT (1973-) a preservation of lost Art and Culture-Images that are "gone forever!" from American culture!
  • from an Art COLLECTOR:

"the genius of this contemporary art collection is the Artists transformation of universal symbolism to create extraordinary vintage art from life, very collectible"-Collector,Toronto, Canada,1999

Based upon WORLDWIDE SALES at Galleries and Auctions,the Collection imagery is now listed in leading Art collector resource,ARTPRICE:Artist:Billy Tucker

  • from an Art INVESTOR:"the fact that all these images are gone forever from culture make this a rarity that will surely increase dramatically in value!"-Curator,Corporate Collection,New York
  • NOTE:Each FOLIO is very limited,signed and numbered edition of ONLY 25 archival prints-then the Originals are destroyed!


    1973-79:The Black & White Period-Highly Collectible Limited Editions


    PEOPLE LIVE HERE, Tuckers First Image,1973, London, England.

    • Very LIMITED Edition of ONLY 25 prints of this very Collectible Image!
    • "Signed" and Numbered Silver Gelatin, Archival Prints: 16 x 20

    IMPORTANT: Click here to  viewBlack and White Period FOLIO.   

    Like this Iconic Image-All Images in the Collection are GONE FOREVER!


    Join the Klu Klux Klan, Billboard,1979 Fayetteville, NC.

    Part of very limited edition FOLIO of ONLY 25 "signed"&U numbered Silver Gelatin Prints!

    • Like this iconic sign,the Collection has "preserved" many images long-gone from American life and culture
    • The BLACK and WHITE Period (1973-1979) FOLIOS  are especially valuable and collected.

    Historic Documentary Collection by New Modern Master


    STOP Man, New Orleans, La, 1974.

     From the highly "collectible" 1973-79-the Black and White Period FOLIO.

    • This fleeting "slice of life" iconic image,establishes Tucker's genius to "capture and preserve" the moment
    • Establishing him as a "collectible" Master Documentary photographer.

    Tucker's genius rests in his ability to create ART from LIfe-1973-79


    Called Batter UP, Washington DC, 1975

    • Tuckers gift and photography "genius" is his ability to create "art from life"
    • This iconic image from the Black and White Period 1973-79 FOLIO.


    Very Limited Editon Folios of ONLY 25 or 50 Prints


    Window Undressing, New Orleans,1976.

    • The Black and White Period -very limited editon FOLIOS (1973 to 1979) are RARE and very "collectible"
    • Tucker's genius is to "capture the moment" in a fleeting photo exposure oike other Modern Masters.

    an Unprecedented Photo Realism Collection


    Letter "A" Still Life, New Orleans,1974

    • A valuable Folio is Tucker's "alphabet series":1973-1979
    • Very limited edition of "signed" and numbered Gelatin prints

    Collection Prints-Very Limited Edition Signed and Numbered FOLIOS


    White Church Still Life,Bradenton, Fla 2010

    • Like any master fine art photo artist,Tucker's imagery includes a limited,"white" series Folio.

    Tuckers Genius rests in his ability to capture the moment


    PREACHER Man, New Orleans, 1975

    In the 1970's, Tucker travelled throughout the South documenting life and symbols

    • ALL images long gone from American life and culture!

    Tucker's Documents Art from Life in the styles of the Great Masters


    The EYES, Unknown, 1979

    • Tuckers genius is the Collection reflects the styles of great artist and painters like: Rauchenberg,Jasper Johns, Warhol,Picasso

    CUBISM and Abstract Art


    Ode to Cubism,NYC,1984.

    • Part of the the Collections' appeal is that it reflects many artistic styles
    • like this "cubistic" montage of tile from New York City,1984

    The BLUE Period Folio 1999


    • In 1999,Tucker produced a collection of "BLUE color" images
    • Available in very limited signed and numbered edition FOLIO.

    STILL LIFE and MACRO Folios: 1973-


    Coca Cola,Tin Sign, Texas, 1987

    • Tucker imagery turns an ordinary sign into extradinary 'still lfe" art work

    the RED Period Folio 1973-


    RED Relief, Still Life, Alabama, 2009

    • Tuckers presents a unique "photo realism" styles like Jasper Johns and Rauchenberg.

    the STILL LIFE CLOSE UP Folio 1973-


    Cadillac Dealership Ad, Close Up, Alabama,2009

    • "the genius of the Collection is to create the mundane into extraordinary vintage art"

    Link to Worldwide Gallery at ART INFO


    • See the New Online Gallery from Leading Artist Collection website:ART INO (

    A Collection of Artistic Fine Art Styles


    • Modern Master "photo realism" imagery in the artistic style of:
    • Chagall
    • Matisse
    • Rauchenberg and more....

    from the POP Art FOLIO 1973-


    Pop Art,Glen Echo Park,Wash DC.1986

    • A strength of the Collection is the "reflection" of so many artistic styles
    • Tucker talents include his unique ability to present so many different artistic styles.

    Top STREET ART & GRAFFITI Collection


    SNAFU, New York City, 1987

    The Collection has "preserved" (29 years):

    • Graffiti
    • Neon
    • Street Art
    • Urban Art!

    Tucker is an Established Documentary Photo Journalist


    The Blind- New Orleans,La.1984 

    •  Chosen by Susan Kismarik,MOMA,NYC, as a national award winner,2009
    • Tucker is a proven photo documentary photo jourmnalist!

    Top Collection of NEON


    FANTASY Motel Abstract, Miami, 2009

     TOP Collections of :

    • Neon
    • Graffiti
    • Street & Urban art
    • Corporate culture


    A True Photo Journalist Master


    Sunday Morning Church Ladies, Atlanta, Georgia,1984

    Tucker has the gift of "capturing the moment" equal to any Collectible  photo journalist and documentary photographer:

    • Bourke-White
    • Cartier Bresson
    • Diane Arbus
    • Walker Evans
    • Dorothea Lange
    • Weegee

    SEE the limited edition Documentary Collection

    A GENIUS of ART from LIFE


    FishNet Phone-NYC, 1995

    • Tucker captures a fleeting street scene in New York City
    • Collection reflects MANY artistic styles by ONE artist!
    • Pop art,
    • Modernism
    • Impressionsim
    • Cubism.

    the Collection is a Perservation of Life and Culure-Gone Forever!


    Night Phones, New York City,1983

    • a Modern Master of Light and Exposure!

    A Modern MASTER of DESIGN and and IMAGERY


    SPEAKING Chinese, Unknown, 1998

    • Tuckers genius is the ability to combine art design and a rare documentary style!

    Ode to Walker Evans,Unknown,USA,1980


    Homage to Walker Evans,2009. Hale County Alabama.

    • In the summer of 2009,Tucker retraced Walker Evans 1932 WPA Pulitizer Prize-winning photo documentary In Praise of Famous Men.
    • The Collection contains images from that trip,including this old Coca Cola sign.
    • This "close up" image demonstrates an Abstract-art type style and fine "art" from the mundane

    Lost Images of American Life & Culture


    American Flag Still Life, Bradenton,Fla,2009

    • The Collection has preserved American life,folkart & culture
    • Most of the Collection imagery are "gone forever" 

    the ART from Life Collection:1973-


    GLEE, Selma, Alabama, 2009

    • Vintage Americana folk art from a New Modern Master

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    Historic Fine Art Collection


    the Genius of Capturing the Moment

    Help My Son,Wash,DC 1989.

    • Tucker's photo realism genius includes photo journalism & documentary photography such as "capturing" the decisive moment.

    The BOOGIE MAN, New Orleans, La.


    Scary Man, New Orleans, 1977

    • Top Collection of Graffiti,Street and Urban art-long gone from American culture
    • This haunting image is one of the "most viewed" on our website


    STOP on RED,California,2011


    Preservation of FOLKART Gone Forever from American Life and Culture


    Home of the Iron Critter,Route 17, Florida 1994

    • The Collection has preserved many artifacts,expressive art,FOLKART like this handmade ad Sign
    • Imagery long gone from American life and culture!

    ART, Tulsa, Oklahoma,2011


    Historic Corporate Icons,Logos & Billboards


    Mr. Peanut. Pennsylvanuia,1981

    • Tucker captured many long-lost Corporate icons,logos and billboard advertising
    • Including: Coca Cola,Mr.Peanut,Red Bull Tobacco,Burma Shave,Standard Oil & more.

    Ode to Vietnam, Washington, DC


    Vietnam Memorial, Wash, DC.1984

    • None of Mr. Tucker's photos are ever "staged" - his genius captures the moment as any "Modern Master"
    • His remarkable talent is to anticipate and preserve the moment 
    • Art from life and symbols like the works of Mater photographers:Dorothea Lange,Cartier-Bresson,Bourke-White,Walker Evans,Friedlander.

    Slave Trail,Unknown,North Carolina


    SlaveTrail- Free at Last, North Carolina,1987.

    • The Collection preserves America's past with many RARE images of social commentary and expressionism like this amazing image-gone forever!

    DRIVE In, Scranton, Pa.


    Lost Drive In, 1987 The Old Comerford Drive In, Scanton, Pa.

    • Tucker's imageery have preserved many American Institutions and icons
    • 95% of his images are "gone forever" from American Life & Culture!

    Junk Mail,Unknown,Tennessee, 1988


    Junk Mail,Kentucky 1987.

    • The Collection is humorous and entertaining.Tucker travelled to many rural areas documenting both urban and rural signage and ways of life.
    • "When words fail us,signs such as Junk Mail express life's simpliest forms of humor and expressionism."- Will Tucker

    The Premier Collections of Neon,Street & Urban Art


    The "S" Texas,1988

    • an Unprecedented Collection of  Neon- graffiti,Street and Urban art.

    a Preservation of American and Lost American FOLKART


    Indian Tobacco-Neon Sign from Route 66,Arizona,1997

    • these Images from olde Route 66 are gone forever and very collectible!

    BULL Durham, Tennessee


    Bull Durham Barn Sign, Victoria Texas, 1998

    • Many Corporate ads,logos,icons,billboards in the Collection
    • Reflecting a "collectible"  Abstract painting style.

    The Collection Preserves the Historic Art of Life and Culture

    art america ad Best JPEG.jpg

    ART From LIFE Collection is an unprecedented "photo realism" ANTHOLOGY  preserving the universal language of "signs and symbol" Expressionism in an unprecedented,fine art photography ollection  from 1973-

    • America Expressionism
    • the Black and White Period 1973-79
    • Consumer and Corporate Culture
    • Vintage FolkArt
    • Still Life
    • Neon
    • Abstracts
    • Pop Art/Modernism
    • Graffiti
    • Street and Urban art 

    The Collection is an invaluable documentary, 29 years and in 43 states,-99% of the images are "gone forever" from American life & culture.

    No other "collectible" fine art photography "master" including:

    • Walker Evans
    • Dorothea Lange
    • Dianer Arbus
    • Bourke-White
    • Carter-Bresson
    • Bernice Abbott

     has "captured" and preserved American culture in such a comprehensive body of work.

    •  Tucker has preserved a American corporate & consumer culture that no longer exists!

    Link to the Entertaining Coffee Table Book: Signs of the Times


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    88 pages- 162 Images.

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